It was an honor for us to host an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange program and to cooperate with foreign participants at this year’s open university at Keszthely, Hungary.

During the summer exchange, young adults could develop their skills and knowledge about active citizenship through a number of workshops and lectures. The activities aimed to engage young individuals from multiple countries, focusing on the development of participatory skills​​.

The project focused on several key topics, including critical thinking, media literacy, democratic participation, and European identity and values. These topics were chosen to address the growing need for young people to navigate complex information environments and to participate actively in democratic processes. 

We hope that all participants had a great time in our camp and were able to gather a lot of inspiration for taking an active role in their communities and contributing to important societal discussions​​.

Partner organizations of the Youth Exchange:

Študentská samospráva UJS (Selye János Egyetem Hallgatói Önkormányzata)

Pomursko madžarsko mladinsko društvo (Muravidéki Magyar Ifjúsági Szervezet)

Uniunea Liceenilor Maghiari din Romania (Romániai Magyar Középiskolások Szövetsége)

Our project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Project title and code: Participatory Laboratories – 2022-3-HU01-KA152-YOU-000101092